Personality: Evil, cunning
Age: Unknown
Friends: Passion Fruit
Enemies: Liam the Leprechaun, Corn Cob
First Appearance: "Passionfruit's World Peace (Starring iJustine & Daneboe!)"

Unicorn is a character in The Adventures of Liam the Leprechaun. She is an evil black unicorn who first appeared in "Passionfruit's World Peace (Starring iJustine & Daneboe!)," in which she stole Liam's pot o' gold.


At the end of "Passionfruit's World Peace (Starring iJustine & Daneboe!)," Liam gave her to Passion Fruit after he corrected the mistake. She then skewered Corn Cob and she ran off with the pot o' gold.

Unicorn made a cameo in "Lousy Limericks," where Liam was promoted from an "incompetent leprechaun" to her rear end.


Unicorn is evil and cunning, shown when she skewered Corn Cob and took Liam's Pot o' Gold in "Passionfruit's World Peace."

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