Lousy Limericks
Summary: Liam tries reading his Limericks in a Leprechaun night club - good thing his Boss and Clover are there to heckle him!
Airdate: October 23, 2010

Liam is in a night club and takes a job as a one-time comedian. When Clover (who's in a flower pot) insults him for not reading jokes, Liam says that he's reading limericks, not jokes. He starts out in a poor joke with an extra word and Clover farts at him. And this goes on, Clover and Leprechaun Boss heckling Liam until he reads 3 lame jokes, all with different flaws. Finally, the crowd boos Liam and he leaves. This leaves Leprechaun Boss and Clover excited that he's gone and that the next act will be more interesting.

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