Double Rainbow, Triple Rainbow, MONSTER RAINBOW
Double Rainbow, Triple Rainbow, MONSTER RAINBOW!!! (Interactive)01:16

Double Rainbow, Triple Rainbow, MONSTER RAINBOW!!! (Interactive)

Summary: Help Liam the Leprechaun deal with the Monster Rainbow!
Airdate: Thursday, July 29, 2010

An interactive video with 3 possibilities.


After raining for a week, Liam finds a rainbow, then a double rainbow, and, before he could leave, a triple rainbow appears, giving Liam lots of luck, only for it to turn out to be a monster rainbow. Liam is worried, but has three solutions.

Bows to the Rainbow

Liam bows to Monster Rainbow, only to be struck by lighting.

Destroy the Rainbow with Magic

Liam destroys the rainbow, but that fails to stop Clover (or his "clover farts").

Sing to the Rainbow

Liam sings to the rainbow, causing it to cry. Clover appears again to remind him that making a rainbow cry also makes it rain!

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